Greyhound:Tempo Pace

Meeting Location: 
OUTSIDE Riverfront Theatre

All runners to meet OUTSIDE riverfront theatre.  Please depart at the times stated and wear hi viz.

Group 6:  18:35pm (turn at the M4 bridge)

Group 5.5 & 5: 18:40pm (to Greyhound)

Group 4: 18:45pm (to Greyhound)

Group 3.5 & 3: 18:50pm (to Greyhound)

Group 2: 18:55pm (to the Greyhound)

Group 1 & 0: 19:00pm (to the Greyhound).

Training Route: 

Route Specific Risk Assessment:

(1) Road crossing at start - runners to wear bright clothing to be seen & to obey highway code

(2) Bikes on pedestrian ways around Old Green Crossing - runners to shout if any oncoming bikes & keep to one side, stopping if necessary

(3) Road crossing: Runners to use right hand side of town bridge & cross at Cenotaph.

(4) Road crossing: Runners to stop at Duckpool Rd crossing & cross safely when clear

(5) Road crossing: Runners to only cross Caerleon Rd at Pelican or Zebra crossings