How to sync training to your phone

Always on the go, and wondering what the next item on the lliswerry training calendar is?

One of the lesser known features of this website is that you can actually synchronise the lliswerry training calendar to your phone (As long as you have a android or apple smartphone!)

This means any events added or removed from the calendar will automatically update on your phone, and be visible in your personal calendar. So you'll be able to check out the next session's route, or double check the meeting location of the next GLCL.

To synchonise the calendar, you'll need to follow the instructions for either Apple, or Android.

Not sure what you have? Check the back, if it doesn't have an apple symbol, 90% chance it's android!

Android Instructions

1: Find a PC/Laptop To add the calendar to your phone, you'll actually need to log in using a desktop/laptop computer, and not your phone.

2: Go to 

3: On the left, under "Other Calendars", click the down arrow

4: Select "Add by URL"

5: Enter this address:

6: Click "Add Calendar" The calendar will appear on the left side under "Other calendars."