2017 Championship LPF Changes

It's that time of year again when we start scrutinising the results from the club championship, and look at who has grasped the coveted trophies for their performances over the year. Once again the LPF went down to the wire but, as a lot of people have been asking, "what is the LPF and how does it work?"

What is the LPF ?

LPF stands for Level Playing Field. It's a Championship that gives everyone in the club an equal chance of winning and it rewards the runners who improve their running the most this year versus last year.

How does it work ?

The year on year improvement is based upon your best Newport parkrun time in the previous year. This is best explained with an example :-

a) Your best Newport parkrun time in 2016 was 28:37.
b) You run the Cardiff Half in 2017 in 2:07:09, how much have you improved?
c) If you use Runners World Race Time Predictor (http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/general/rws-race-time-predictor/1681.html)  it would predict that based on your 5k time, your Half Marathon time would be 2:11:30
d) You ran faster than your predicted time so your performance shows a score of 103.4%, a 3.4% improvement (2:11:30 divided by 2:07:09, both in seconds)
e) In 2017 we will be using these % scores to make it easy for you to understand your result in each race.

The good news is that the Lliswerry coaching team are dedicated to helping you improve your running. Following their training plan and consistency in your training will go a long way to helping you succeed.
Don't forget that in 2017 there are 8 awards available for the LPF Championship so there's lots of chance to win an award.

In summary, success in the LPF Championship doesn't depend on how fast you are compared to others, just how fast you are against your own performance last year.


I didn't run Newport parkrun in the previous year. What time do you use?
If this is the case, or if you don't have a representative time as you do pacing or always run with someone slower, we use other parkrun times or apply the Runners World formula to other races you have done in the previous year.

How can I see what my Newport parkrun / equivalent time is from the previous year?
If you go to the LPF Table or Points Table on the website (News & Results then Club Championships) and then click on your name (you have to have completed one race) you will see your time at the top together with your results at all of this years Championship races.

What about hilly races. I'm slower on these so won't I get a lower score?
No. We equalise all races by assuming that the overall average LPF score of all runners will be 100%. Thus a hilly race will typically give everyone a lower score and so we pro rata all scores up until the average is 100%. The opposite is true on a flat road 5k where the average is above 100% and is thus all scores are pro rata'd down. If you'd like to know more just ask Alun King or Andrew Johnson