Our Club Sessions

Our Typical Training Week

Our club sessions are planned to improve runners of all standards, but are most beneficial for those that can run 5k continuously. So absolute beginners are advised to use Newport parkrun as a great way to get started. Lliswerry Runners co-organise this weekly event (see below).

The weekly sessions include easy distance runs, sustained tempo runs and interval sessions to improve speed & strength. These are described below. For specific information on the next training sessions, visit our events page.

Tuesday - Medium Pace (Tempo) Training Run
Typical Distance 8K to 10K
In the winter, we meet at the front of Newport Civic Centre in the lower car park from 6:30pm. Currently we are meeting at 14 Locks Visitor Centre for the summer. These are runs of 5 - 6 miles at a sustainable pace. They are roughly handicapped to get the most out of everyone & for safety/security of slower runners. Newcomers will be placed into a group of runners of similar ability.

Get an idea of training groups here

Rough handicap start times are:
Group 6 - 6:35pm, Group 5 - 6:40pm, Group 4 - 6:45pm, Group 3 - 6:50pm, Group 2 - 6:55pm, Group 1 - 7:00pm

Wednesday - Interval Training
Typical Distance 5K to 12K (depends on session)

For Wednesday training, we meet at the Tennis Centre in Newport International Sports Village (NISV) in Spytty Park at 6:30pm. These are coached training sessions with runners placed into suitable training groups. Newcomers will be matched with runners of similar ability.

Interval training can be on the 400m track, on hills, grass or on road, according to the time of year and the objective of the session. You are split into ability groups before the session to ensure you are coached to the right level. Although these sessions challenge runners, it is the most popular session of the week. Pain & Banter are normally in equal measures, and there is always a small group of runners who can be found sneaking off to the bar in the cricket club for some light refereshment afterwards!

Thursday - Trail Run
Typical Distance 10K to 12K

Off road run on trail and forest tracks, meeting at 6:30pm for a 6 to 8 mile run. Venues vary, so check the training calendar. Generally hilly, and the weather can vary throughout the run, so come prepared. Trail shoes are advisory, especially if the preceeding days have been wet. We don't recommend new members making this their first run unless they consider themselves capable of off road running.

Saturday - Newport parkrun
Typical Distance - 5K (always 5K!)

This is our popular parkrun, which takes place at 9:00am every Saturday. It is ideal for absolute beginners. Many start by walking or running and walking parts of the course. If you are unsure about your ability, we recommend coming down and having a go, and if you can make it around without stopping, we would then encourage you to come and attend a Wednesday interval session to benefit from that.

Experienced runners use this as a weekly time trial. It's free to register and participate, and not restricted to Lliswerry Runners at all. Register online at parkrun.org to get your personal barcode. There are club members there every week volunteering so if you want to come and meet some of us, come and say hello!

Sunday - Long Slow Run
Typical Distance - 60min / 14K (two sessions)

On a Sunday, we have two sessions running. One sets off at 8am, another at 9am.

Sunday mornings @ 8 meet behind the large Sainsbury's Superstore in Albany St, Newport. The runs are usually out and back for up to 75 min, so suitable for those looking to increase their distance. Occasionally the course is a loop, but all runs are very easy to follow.

Sunday mornings @ 9 are easy long runs typically of distances up to and over 10 miles. We have a range of routes and distances depending on what everyone is training for. We run in groups and stop & regroup if anyone falls behind. All routes are quite scenic and keep away from busy roads. Various topics are discussed en route and before you know it you are back!

Training Groups

In Lliswerry, we use Training Groups to split runners of all different abilities into groups to ensure we are providing the right challenge for your training needs. Being placed in a training group is not a concrete thing, runners move up and down training groups to suit their current fitness level.

Our training groups range from 1 to 6, and we base the starting group for runners on their estimated 1 mile time. Have a look at our training groups page for more information


Lliswerry Runners and Newport & East Wales Triathlon (NEWT) are in a great partnership together!

Cross training (bike and swim) is now widely recognised to have health (injury avoidance) & performance benefits for runners. Most running magazines contain Triathlon sections. What's more there's some great events for beginners.

Lliswerry Runners is fortunate in having as members the leaders of top Welsh Tri club. This has allowed us to offer membership to NEWT for Lliswerry Runners for just £15.

This entitles you to join NEWT Monday track session (free) and Tuesday and Thursday swimming sessions with expert instruction (charges apply to cover facility hire).

Ask our membership secretary Chris Gentle for details.

Or see the NEWT website for further information...