Training Groups

Training groups allow runners of similar speed to train together. Sessions are adapted to meet the needs of the groups. Runners can move themselves up and down training groups to suit their current fitness level and to allow for other sessions they may have run that week. Leaders & Coaches are assigned to each group and can give guidance about choice for any particular session.


Twice a year the Lliswerry coaches look at the training groups to make sure that all our runners are getting the most from the sessions. With a massive 186 runners finishing the Cardiff Half and with more runners turning up to our Tuesday sessions than ever before, we feel the need to make some changes.

The first being the splitting of Group 3 and 5, into Group 3 & Group 3.5 and Group 5 & Group 5.5. We are aware that these two groups as usually the largest, with a wide spread of runners, so to ensure that nobody gets left behind we feel this is needed.

Secondly, please see the attached table which details the training group you should be running with, especially on a Tuesday, based on your Cardiff Half finishing time. If you didn’t run Cardiff then please use any recently completed half. For reference we have also included the approximate tempo pace for each group, these are for reference, but if you find that you are regularly running much quicker than this, then we would advise you move up a group.

If you have any questions, queries or feedback then please do have a chat with any of the coaching team, we are here to ensure all of you get the very best out of your training.