The Lliswerry 8 Course

The Lliswerry 8 Course

Although the start, the finish and a significant amount of the course are unchanged we have had to avoid a section of road which is undergoing major restructuring work. Please read the following to give yourself a complete description of the 2018 race arrangements. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday. Remember to get to registration early (before 10am) to avoid traffic congestion.

The start

We suggest that you use the many toilet facilities on the campus (Tennis Centre, Velodrome & Stadium) before walking to the start area as portable facilities are VERY LIMITED.

Urination in the school grounds or anywhere on the course will result in disqualification.

The start is approximately 10 mins walk from the car park & registration area. Please allow additional time to get into your correct starting pen. We recommend that you start moving up from the car park at 11:00am as the start area becomes highly congested.

Our smiley marshals will be there to guide you. We are runners & know that many get stressed before a race but any abuse of marshals, school staff or fellow athletes will result in immediate disqualification. Let's all be cool, be happy & enjoy! 

When reaching the school:

Over 8 mins/mile - Use left gate to the back of the school

Under 8 mins/mile - Use right gate to the front of the school

Access To Start Line

Course Description

The course is set within the flat rural edges of Newport, through country lanes. Starting at Lliswerry Secondary School on Nash Road, Newport, there is an approximately 1 mile run out before joining a 6 mile loop. This year the loop will contain an out & back section followed by a narrow, one track lane. Together these bypass a section of the original course which is undergoing urgent structural work.  At the end of the loop, the initial mile is retraced back past the start to the finish. This totals 8 miles.

This year a lead bike will preceed the race. Ahead of the bike will be a car to warn traffic. Please do not follow the car as it is unable to drive the full length of the course.

The road near the start will be closed briefly during the start but the remainder of the course will be OPEN TO TRAFFIC. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE USE OF HEADPHONES IS NOT PERMITTED (We will disqualify offenders).   Always keep to the left on the course and only cross roads when instructed to do so by a race official. 

 Lliswerry 8 - 2018 Course

Drinks Station
There is a drinks station with bottled water at approximately 3.5 miles. The drinks station will be signed in advance.  Please discard bottles in the bins provided to the side of the road.  They are a trip hazard to other runners. 

The Finish
The finish line is at a different location from the start and will be marked by a large arch. Your time will be recorded by the timing mat as you cross this line. You will then enter a tape funnel for 50 feet to enable us to remove your timing chip. PLEASE DO NOT STEP OUT OF THE FUNNEL. 

Drinks will be available at the end of the finish funnel. You can then collect your race T shirt by showing your race number. To exit the school complex please continue walking around the building away from the finish area to avoid conflict with incoming runners. Your route back to the car park includes a road crossing. Please take care as the road will be open to traffic and runners will be finishing the race.

....& PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't cool down on the course. The roads are narrow and you could endanger finishing runners.

Route from Finish back to car park