Lisa's Simple But Effective Sessions

Profile - Lisa Nicholls

Lisa has been a member with Lliswerry Runners since Feb 2016 and a Leader in Running Fitness since Dec 2016. She recently qualified further to become a Coach in Running Fitness through Welsh Athletics. Lisa is also Co-Event Director and regular volunteer at Riverfront parkrun. Her remarkable journey started with one of our Couch to 5k programmes back in 2015. Since then she has gone on to participate in many races up to marathon distance and even the 70k Brecon to Cardiff Ultra. A truly wonderful success story!

Hi everyone, I've put together some sessions for you to consider completing twice a week. It really doesnt matter how much or how little you have been running during lockdown, these sessions should suit absolutely everyone. More important than anything, have some fun! I've included some of the challenges towards our 35 Years Celebration Bingo Card too. 

Always ensure that you warm up for 10-15mins before you start the session and complete a similar cool down once you finished. On your rest days consider foam rolling or a yoga stretching session. There are some great 30 minutes sessions available on YouTube or Newport Live facebook to watch.

Week 1 - 1st July

Session 1 - Speed Intervals

Ideally find a flat 1 mile route close to your home – maybe a square around your street?

  • 3 – 5 laps: 5k speed on first straight followed by a recovery on 2nd straight, 5k speed on 3rd straight followed by recovery on 4th straight. This is a one mile loop and you should be close to the house in case you need refreshments or a toilet stop.
  • Finish with a one loop cool down and 35 sit ups

Session 2 - 300m Time Trial

Make sure you find a safe, quiet length of pavement or park and it's really important to fully warm up first: 

  • Warm up with a gentle jog for at least 1 mile, then
  • Do 10 of each of the following: bum kicks, skipping, walking lunges, side lunges, high knees, fast high knees
  • 3 to 5 x 30 metres getting faster each time walking back to the start for recovery.
  • 300m time trial. Straight after is a perfect time for a selfie!
  • Complete the session with a one mile cool down, 35 star jumps and static stretches

Week 2 - 8th July

Session 1 - Hill Session

This will count towards your 3,500ft challenge for our birthday celebrations

You can use your one mile loop for a warm up before tackling that favourite hill. I’ve been using Caerau Road but it's a bit too long so find something like Dewsland Road or Hartridge Hill. 

  • Complete 3 – 5 reps. Use effort on the short incline you have chosen and use the downhill to recover.
  • Don’t forget to complete your flat one mile cool down mile and complete your static stretches. Compare week 1 selfie. Does it look like you’ve worked harder?

Session 2 - 5k Time Trial

Complete this week’s "(not)parkrun" and log your time with parkrun UK and tick off another 35th Birthday Bingo challenge. Please don’t plan to meet up with other park runners but use this as an opportunity to encourage your 5 runners to virtually meet up. Post all your selfies on facebook. This will not challenge everyone!

  • Warm up for 15 mins (include 35 star jumps) then:
  • 10 each bum kicks, skipping, walking lunges, side lunges, high knees, fast high knees
  • Time your 5k run, upload to parkrun and cut yourself a big piece of cake. You earned it!
  • Don’t forget your static stretches. A selfie with your cake is a must!

Week 3 - 22nd July

Session 1 - Tempo Run

Find your favourite 10k route (from your doorstep) with some steady inclines, use the first and last mile as your warm up and cool down (running at half marathon pace)

Session 2 - Pyramid Session

Ideally run on the flat. You can attempt 1,2,3 pyramids according to how you feel. Your recovery can be walk or jog.

Warm up for 15 mins then complete: 

  • 1 min effort, 1 min recovery
  • 2 min effort, 2 min recovery
  • 3 mins effort, 3 min recovery
  • 2 min effort, 2 min recovery
  • 1 min effort, 1 min recover

Finish with cool down run, 35 lunges and static stretches.

Week 4 - 29th July

Session 1 - Fartlek session

This session is ideally completed in an open space, park, quiet pavement or cycle path

  • Warm up for 10 minutes
  • Complete 3 -5 reps of threshold pace for 4 minutes then a 1 minute walk/jog recovery
  • Cool down for 10 minutes
  • Finish with a 30 sec plank and balancing on each leg for 35 secs

Session 2 - Hill Sprints

Find the shortest steepest hill you can that’s close to home

  • Warm up for at least 15 minutes
  • Complete 3 – 5 reps. Use your best efforts up and jog recovery back down
  • Cool down for at least 15 minutes 
  • 35 press ups and 35 high knees outside your front door. Doing it outside your front door is perfect, this is where you are allowed to collapse. Your thighs should be burning!
  • Static stretches and foam rolling will be very much needed too!

Check that you’ve hit 3,500ft elevation in the club's 35th Birthday Bingo Card challenges.