Caerleon Canter

Route Specific Safety Information:

(1) Use left side of Newport Bridge outbound. Stay on left side of Caerleon Rd all the way the Ship Inn.  

(2) CARE crossing Caerleon Rd at Ship Inn. CARE crossing road at Hanbury Inn to run clockise around village. Cross from right hand side to left hand side at zebra crossing on 1-way system to return to the Ship Inn. 

(3) Stay on right side of Caerleon Rd to retrace back to Newport Bridge.

(4) REGROUP on Newport Bridge. Nobody to be unaccompaied through subways!

Runners to observe Safety Code


St Julian's Pub & back = 8km, Ship Inn & back= 9.4km, full route (incl Caerleon loop) = 11.5km

Details of this route are here